Nintendo says Pokemon Legends Z-A is set ‘entirely’ within Lumiose City

In an intriguing twist to one of its most beloved franchises, Nintendo has announced that the upcoming game “Pokemon Legends Z-A” will be set “entirely” within Lumiose City. This announcement marks a significant departure from the traditional Pokemon game formula, which typically involves players traveling across a vast region to collect Pokemon, battle gym leaders, and thwart the plans of whatever villainous team is causing trouble. By focusing the entire game within the confines of Lumiose City, Nintendo is signaling a fresh and innovative approach to the Pokemon series, one that could redefine players’ expectations and experiences.

Lumiose City: A Rich Setting

Lumiose City, known for its striking resemblance to Paris, France, is one of the most iconic locations in the Pokemon universe. First introduced in Pokemon X and Y, the city is famous for its towering Prism Tower, which serves as both a landmark and a symbol of the city’s vibrant energy. With its broad, sunlit boulevards, bustling cafes, and the mysterious Lumiose Sewers, the city is already a complex setting filled with potential for exploration and adventure. Setting “Pokemon Legends Z-A” entirely within Lumiose City suggests that players will have the opportunity to delve deeper into its secrets and stories than ever before.

A New Gameplay Experience

The decision to set the game within a single city indicates a significant shift in gameplay dynamics. Instead of the open-world exploration across diverse landscapes that players have come to expect, “Pokemon Legends Z-A” could offer a more dense and detailed urban environment to navigate. This urban setting might introduce new types of challenges and puzzles, as players uncover hidden areas, solve city-based mysteries, and engage in battles within the city’s unique locales. The emphasis could shift towards vertical exploration as players scale buildings or delve beneath the city into subways and sewers, providing a fresh take on the Pokemon formula.

Storytelling Opportunities

Focusing on Lumiose City opens up rich storytelling possibilities. The game could explore the history and culture of Lumiose City in greater depth, including how humans and Pokemon coexist in an urban environment. There may be stories centered around the city’s landmarks, such as Prism Tower, and local legends that have yet to be uncovered. The narrative could also delve into the lives of the city’s inhabitants, offering a more intimate and detailed narrative experience than the broader, region-spanning adventures of previous games.

Potential Challenges and Innovations

Setting the game entirely in Lumiose City is not without its challenges. Nintendo will need to ensure that the urban environment remains engaging and varied enough to sustain players’ interest throughout the game. This could involve introducing dynamic events, a wide range of Pokemon ecosystems within the city, and interactive elements that evolve over time. Innovations in gameplay, such as new battle mechanics, puzzles, and modes of transportation within the city, could also help keep the experience fresh and engaging.


Nintendo’s decision to set “Pokemon Legends Z-A” entirely within Lumiose City is a bold move that promises to offer a new and exciting experience for Pokemon fans. By focusing on a single, richly detailed urban environment, the game has the potential to offer deeper storytelling, innovative gameplay, and a fresh perspective on the Pokemon world. As more details about the game emerge, fans eagerly await to see how this ambitious concept will be realized and how it will contribute to the legacy of the Pokemon series.

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